AT 16½ WEST WATER STREET, Franklin leaned against the frame of an open window in his second floor apartment. He was watching the snow fall onto the city park below, a glass of Corby’s Whisky rested in his hand. At a nickel per bottle it was undrinkable to most —…

Here’s How (And What I’ve Learned)

Photo by the author.

On a whim, I decided in January to read 100 books this year. Or, rather, to try to read 100 books.

Why? Well, for one, I love to read.

That said, I’m behind, by some standards. I’ve spent most of my adult life exclusively reading historical nonfiction or self-help; for…


A Quick Preface

During my early teenage years, I was absolutely obsessed with World War Two history. I collected two entire sets of vintage combat fatigues and field gear—complete with M1 Garand rifle and a sidearm revolver—and participated in World War Two battle reenactments whenever possible.

Since I was probably the youngest person…

Want to get your crush’s attention and win them over? These five simple tips will take you from frozen orbit in the outer reaches of their universe to blasting into their guts like a rogue meteor in no time.

1. Be Up-Front And Just Tell Them

No one is going to do this. It’s a ridiculous notion…


Hello. I am a thirty-year-old man who, only days ago, made frightened squeaking and gasping noises at my television as I repeatedly slammed the back of my head into my couch like a boxing glove into a punching bag. …

Throughout the course of my life, I’ve suffered through my fair share of hardships. Breakups, financial missteps, drifting friendships, and even minor physical trauma. But few experiences weigh so heavily on my memory as the “Soap shoes” incident of my sixth grade year.

I had an older cousin who lived…

Tom Edwards

Writer, musician/producer, traveler, and marketing professional. Lover of the outdoors and floppy-eared dogs.

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